Kako produkt (JAZ) podjetja VouchForMe deluje v Sloveniji ?

Slovenski start-up VouchForMe si že lep čas krepi svoj odtis v zavarovalniškem in blockchain sektorju. Prvi velik korak je bil množično zbiranje sredstev za sam zagon podjetja in razvoj njihovih produktov. Vse to se je zgodilo konec leta 2017 in segalo v začetek leta 2018. Pri množičnem zbiranju sredstev so bili eni izmed najuspešnejših v Sloveniji. Njihova zgodba pa [...]

2019-11-06T15:59:22+00:006 novembra, 2019|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

InsurePal ICO sold-out. IPL token trading to start on exchange

InsurePal, a distributed social proof insurance platform, recently finished their crowdsale, reaching a hard-cap of $18 million in only 80 seconds. Starting 18th January, the IPL tokens are now poised for trading on exchange. According to their CEO, other exchanges will soon follow.     InsurePal sold-out 70% (140,700,000 IPLs) in their pre-sale and the remaining $5,4 million [...]

2018-01-18T16:58:24+00:0018 januarja, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

InsurePal Welcomes Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem and the Crypto.IQ Team as Advisors

Charlie Shrem recently joined InsurePal as business development advisor. His rich entrepreneurial experience in managing crypto and non-crypto companies will provide important guidance in the development of InsurePal’s social proof platform for mass adoption. InsurePal is set to revolutionize the insurance industry by harnessing blockchain technology and merging it with social proofing, bringing cost savings to the insurance industry [...]

2018-01-06T07:55:15+00:005 januarja, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

InsurePal to Accelerate Trust When Transacting Products and Services on Blockchain

InsurePal is the world's first decentralized social proof insurance service. It aims to accelerate trust between members of the crypto community when transacting products and services, building a much more affordable insurance sector based on social proofing through rewarding behavioural patterns that benefit not only individuals but also groups and society as a whole. The company challenges the current [...]

2017-12-23T14:27:20+00:0023 decembra, 2017|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

Insurance about to make a big jump into crypto world: InsurePal ICO Starts on January 16

InsurePal is challenging the $7 trillion global insurance market of today with a distributed, self-adjusting insurance platform. Harnessing the power of blockchain, they introduce a completely new model of risk selection, guided by the science of social proof. In other words, their network uses peer-to-peer endorsements to improve segmentation, lower premium costs and offer incentives to their users. Insurance [...]

2017-12-12T18:18:45+00:0012 decembra, 2017|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|
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