Reasons why you should buy at least a couple of crypto tokens in the ICO phase

What if I told you that purchasing crypto coins from startups would be the best financial decision of your life?

Investing in crypto tokens is not a speculation, but can in fact offer you a vast array of advantages. Not only would you support a startup, which will in turn create new, well paid vacancies, meaning more money for your country and the people around you. You will also get crypto tokens that serve as a means of payment for a service or a product, or have a chance to sell them on a crypto exchange and possibly walk away with more than you invested. A win-win opportunity. Be brave, take the leap and start purchasing crypto tokens from startup companies. However, be cautious as well. You must be the right amount of selective, so be sure to read the recommendations at the end of this text.

First, I made a lot of money buying crypto tokens from startups. And I plan on earning even more, because I’ve just started with it. Before the steep fall of value at the start of year 2018, my balance sheet was amazing: an investment of 2,025 € from September 2016 lead to a payout in the amount of 6,100 €, and a portfolio of tokens in the total amount of more than 120,000 €! That same portfolio is even today, after a steep fall in the last few months and a turning point in the last few weeks’, worth more than 80,000 €. And this is not an isolated achievement, because many people seriously participating in buying crypto tokens have had even better results.


Secondly, I am the co-founder of the MoneyRebel startup, which will in a few days start its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). I can say with great certainty that each and every active individual should devote a part of their investment portfolio to purchase our MRP crypto tokens. And that is a point I will further elaborate.
If I manage to convince you, go to our website, complete the registration process, participate in the ICO phase and buy our tokens. If you are not persuaded by our crypto tokens, buy tokens from other startup instead, because with that you will help create new, well paid vacancies, ensure more money for both individuals and your country as a whole, and you will probably get more out of the crypto tokens than what you initially paid for them.

Why should every active individual buy crypto tokens?

Cash, in the form of small metal coins exchanged as tokens of trust, was invented about 600 years before our time. Nowadays, we are using it less and less, since most of us use cards. Plastic money in the form of cards, at first physical and now virtual, dominates today’s transactions. But the future is already here with services like Apple or Google pay, and especially crypto tokens are getting more and more popular and forming their own economy, like the MRP (MoneyRebel Platform) tokens will.


In order to achieve that and transform our society to the cashless society, we need innovations. We all know that a vast majority of innovations comes from startups. In order to succeed, they need support from the community in the form of first users of the new technology and money! So by supporting startups in the ICO phase, you are giving them the opportunity to develop their ideas, and at the same time have the ability to cash in your payout whenever you want! With initial coin offerings, we all win! That is why I encourage you to devote a small percentage of your portfolio to the startups you believe in and, more importantly, envision yourself using their services or products. This way you eliminate a big portion of the risk associated with the startup funding, which was only reserved for wealthy individuals and venture funds before.

Why am I so convinced that our MRP tokens are suitable for the majority of active population?

Money comes with an obligation to manage it. These days it’s not enough to have money, you must manage it in order to prevent yourself from running out of it somewhere down the road. And to manage it efficiently — a vast majority of people need help with that! And this is where it gets complicated …
We all want to get help from a trusted advisor, but most of us cannot find one we can really trust. MoneyRebel platform will solve this issue by putting trust on Blockchain. We will offer a marketplace of verified advisors with identity and reviews on Blockchain, so that no one can fake it. Advisors will be from your country as well, like the ones that were visionary enough to already join us. Have a look at the first ones to join and see why they decided to come aboard.
If you would like an advice from a verified advisor on the MoneyRebel Platform (who wouldn’t?), fiat or crypto, you would need MRP tokens. You will even need to deposit them to access advanced features like crypto arbitrage, ICO pooling, smart banking services, or smart budgeting (you can read more on that in our whitepaper HERE).

This feature does not yet exist and will be first introduced with the MoneyRebel platform thanks to the arrival of Blockchain technology! It will guarantee the best possible advice and provide the necessary trust your advisor needs to create the best solutions for managing your money and personal finances.

Why you will need MRP tokens?

And there is no better time to buy them than in the ICO phase! With that, you will not only secure the best deal, but you will also support us in our mission to change the financial lives of millions. If you don’t support us now, we will not be able to develop all the features of the platform.
What is important to know is that we can only issue the amount of tokens that correspond to the received contributions from our supporters. That means it is too late to buy tokens when they hit the exchange. Not only is the price usually higher, but also the total circulating amount of tokens is smaller as the funds received for development are, if you do not buy at the time of an ICO.


Every startup needs support from the community at the time of ICO.

This is crucial, so we invite you to join our MoneyRebel family, support us in our mission and buy MRP tokens that will enable you to use services and content we all know you need! Go ahead and visit, whitelist, be part of the MoneyRebel ICO and buy our tokens.
But before you buy any crypto tokens, read this!

There is a high risk that a startup will fail and its tokens will be rendered useless or worthless. The fact is that only one in ten startups succeeds while the rest fail. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are aware of it. If you would support startups in a traditional way by giving them money for a stake in the company, you would have to wait until it happens. With crypto tokens, you are in charge of your money. That means you can sell your tokens on the exchange, usually from a few weeks to a couple of months after you purchased them! So, if you cannot use them to buy products or services promised, or simply don’t want to wait, you can cash them in 24/7.

Tokens price can rise and fall much like a rollercoaster. If you don’t have the stomach to digest a sharp fall of the price, then don’t do it. At least not with more than 3% of your portfolio. Because the price will be going up and down, and it will feel as though you are on a rollercoaster.
Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there and all they want is to get their hands on your money. So be sure to do your due diligence, particularly by checking if the team is real and trustworthy. You can, for example, take a look at our team, at what we have achieved so far in our careers, and especially if we can handle the amount of money we are aiming to raise.


Additionally, you will always find business advisors with every startup. It is quite possible you might catch the sight of a renowned name, but you must be aware that all of them can be bought. There are business advisors that just lend their name in order to assist with the ICO. And that is wrong! I can tell you that we turned down a dozen advisors with renowned names that we could have on board, if were to agree to pay them big bucks with your money. Instead, we opted for on board advisors that can really contribute to the project, as is the case with the latest duo, Ethan Pierce, Yann Lecaplan and Marc Amiel. You could hear Marc as a wealth manager in the previous video.

There is so much to learn about investing in the crypto world and I have a free e-book for you. After a huge success on our home market in Slovenia it was important to me to offer it worldwide thus making an English version. But don’t be afraid and don’t let the obstacles divert you from your path. I strongly believe buying crypto tokens (like MRP tokens) is not a speculation, but instead a great way to show support to startups and one of best financial decisions in your life. As such, I kindly invite you to support us and join the MoneyRebel family. You are welcome right here HERE.


Mitja Vezovišek & the MoneyRebel Team

The MoneyRebel public token sale (ICO) starts May 8th 2018 at 13:00 UTC, and it will close May 15th 2018 at 13:00 UTC latest.