LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, May 8, 2018 – MoneyRebel, a FinTech startup that is establishing an all-in-one financial platform integrating a digital marketplace of advisors on blockchain, today successfully launched its 7 days long ICO crowdsale with the aim to raise support in the amount of 24 mio EUR. Succeeding in already raising a part of it, 15 mio EUR is required to fund the product development, where personal experts and artificial intelligence combined will change the industry of financial advising.



The MoneyRebel team of experts with more than 187 combined years of experience in financial consulting, wealth management, business modelling, IT, crypto trading and digital banking, has successfully launched their crowdfunding campaign today at 13:00 UTC – and it will end on May 15th at 13:00 UTC at the latest. Supporters and contributors have been registering for the past weeks to contribute in the early stages, or tiers. Those that contribute early will partake in a 10% bonus.


This is how MoneyRebel is securing funds to finish building a disruptive innovation named the MoneyRebel Platform – a digital open banking platform with integrated crypto functionalities for beginners and advanced users, as well as investors and top online advisors. The platform is supported by an artificial intelligence equipped datacentre to help people grow and manage their finances and financial investments in both crypto and fiat worlds – this has always been a big hassle, until now!

The platform is almost built!

The MoneyRebel Platform has already been beta tested in March, and it will become available to the market in an extremely short time – within 2 months! With it, the MoneyRebel team is aiming to first and foremost help people easily manage all their funds with the help of a 360-degree overview of all their assets, but it will also at the same time restore trust in the tainted financial advisory industry. Financial advisors’ ratings and performance will be put on blockchain – in the long run, only the highest-rated investment and financial advisors, as judged by fellow users, will become sustainable.



MoneyRebel, as well as other fellow FinTechs, is fighting against fossilized rules of the financial industry and immense costs for banking services. Therefore, in order to stay true to its creed while searching for ways to finance this disruptive all-in-one financial platform, it turned away from established financing institutions and instead towards the raising of capital through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).



Mitja Vezovišek, MoneyRebel CEO, says: “The capacity of digitalization and automatization enables us to combine in one place a whole variety of financial advisors: wealth managers, financial planners, insurance specialists, financial coaches, tax specialists, and even lawyers and other advisors from the field of financial industry, who help people properly manage their money. The arrival of blockchain technology allows us to eliminate doubt when it comes to identities, track records and quality of all these advisors.”



MoneyRebel solves a few major problems for users …

In the field of crypto, where safety, as well as the speed of processing, is one of the biggest concerns, MoneyRebel is going to solve these five major problems.

“Crypto funds are currently the fastest-growing asset class and it is expected to increase by 800$ in 2018. Investing in crypto is just beginning to capture mainstream attention, and it currently represents just a few percentage points of global investable assets,” says Mitja Vezovišek, MoneyRebel CEO. He adds: “This is what we want to supply – make crypto buying and trading easy, safe, and supported by the wit and experience of the online advisors. Of course, we are deriving good practice from our rich experience in the field of traditional finance management and investing!”



The MR Crypto functionalities will make entrance into crypto world easy and swift. The marketplace of advisors will enable users to find skilled crypto advisors, and the blockchain-based rating system will show them which of them are trustworthy (based on other users’ feedback). For traditional financial investments, the MR Portfolio features will enable users and their advisors to see the whole personal financial picture and trends at a glance – stocks, funds, gold, and more, purchased in different financial institutions over the years, will all be listed in the same place, thanks to the powerful new European PSD2 (Payment Services Directive), which came into force in January 2018. When enough funds are gathered, MoneyRebel will develop its classic banking functionalities, such as free MR Smart Debit Cards with crypto settlement, as well as advanced MR Robo Advisors and MR Virtual Assistants, powered by artificial intelligence. And for other ICO investing opportunities, there will be easy to use ICO Pooling – for when people pool together their funds to attain higher bonuses, intended for big investors.

… and for professionals, too!

Professional advisors and wealth managers will also benefit from the platform, as they will get paid for their services and scale their business easily, have access to cutting edge advanced Advisory tools, have a complete 360 overviews of their clients’ financials, with a built-in communications center. All this based on trust, as their identity and ratings are put on blockchain.


Aggressive roadmap

The support received in this ICO is what will essentially influence how advanced the MoneyRebel platform will be developed – if it reaches the product development cap of €15 million, then the global public will be presented with the most state-of-the-art financial platform for money budgeting and investment managing at the end of 2019.



The ratings, provided by the most competent public – fellow users themselves, will make sure that in the future, only the highest-rated investment and financial advisors will stay in business with the prospect of becoming sustainable. However, in order to really achieve this, the dispersed crowd that supports startups should take part in the MoneyRebel ICO that started today.

About MoneyRebel

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, MoneyRebel is an all in one marketplace of advisors on blockchain that is bringing together crypto-skilled financial advisors and newcomers.

For further information: https://moneyrebel.io/
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