The recognition and respect that Hive Project is getting from crypto & fintech communities as each day passes are constantly on the rise.

Team of experts focusing on building momentum before launching the platform! Therefore, our line of attack is two-pronged — bringing Hive Project to the masses in crypto communities the world over, but also boosting recognition and visibility in the finance industry and among SMEs globally!

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Bringing Hive Project to Crypto Communities Worldwide!

So, ye, it’s been an eventful few days. All of the fantastic feedback and praise we have received in reviews from various media-outlets and different YouTubers have also continued to make us sought after in various communities around the world.

To cater for this rising need, we have decided to take Europe & Asia by storm in the weeks to come, with a date in the USA planned before the summer. We have over 10 high level conferences and meet-ups in various different cities to come, from Frankfurt to IstanbulHong KongZurichShanghaiBelgradeToronto and New York, to name just a few. This means that, before going global with our product, we will have strong communities around the world ready and willing to help us all hit higher heights when we hit the LAUNCH button by the end of next quarter.

Building momentum as we prepare for launch!

From global ERP providers and local, regional, national and international representative bodies of SMEs, to major liquidity providers and communities, we are pushing hard and fast on all “fronts”, doing our best to ensure that everything is 100% ready for our platform launch and rapid scalability up to becoming a global leader.

Therefore, in addition to our crypto-conferences & community-based events and meet-ups in multiple Asian and European capitals, we are also focusing on events with the regional and global representatives of our user base (SME & investor organisations) and representatives from regional and global industry, where we will be able to present our product directly to our user base or to their influencers.


Partnering Up with FintruX — On the Way to Getting Better Results!

As is the case with Lendoit and InsurePal, our partnerships are made with long-term benefits in mind: making our product even better for our users(let’s take this moment to congratulate our friends at InsurePal for reaching 70% of their hard cap in their pre-sale alone!). Our latest partnership shares all the same characteristics too.

Partnering up with FintruX Network — a blockchain based online ecosystem connecting borrowers, lenders, and rated service agencies — has the potential to become a win-win cooperation for us all. With FintruX referring clients who are looking for factoring to Hive Project, opening the doors to their European and Russian markets in the process, we believe we are adding yet another important piece to the puzzle.


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