Hive Project (HVN) made a strong announcement yesterday at The Future of Money and Technology Summit in San Francisco with the unveiling of the DEMO version of their platform. It was their CFO, Ugur Yildirim, who announced the official date at the roundtable on tokens and the future of the Fintech industry. They also made a surprise announcement concerning their cooperation with one of the largest ERP providers in the region (Europe and Russia), which will, Hive Project officials explain, fully automate access to the Hive Project Platform for SMEs in the region and give SMEs the option to get funding for their invoices with just a few clicks. Winners of BEST ICO of 2017 at CoinAgenda 2017, Hive Project are living up to expectations of the community, making a strong step forward in what they say will be “A December to Remember”.

The Future of Money & Technology Summit in San Francisco brings together the best and brightest visionaries in money and FinTech, including startups, entrepreneurs, developers, media representatives, investors, services and solutions providers, and it was there that the Hive Project team announced the date that the DEMO version will be announced. “Not only have we met another milestone, we are going one better and over delivering on our promises!

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that the DEMO VERSION of Hive Project Platform will be ONLINE for small businesses, investors and our powerhouse community to see on 21 DECEMBER!”


We talked with Jure Soklic, a co-founder and the CEO of Hive Project, who told us he that has been amazed by the recognition and respect Hive Project is getting from the community and SMEs worldwide. Regarding yesterday’s announcement, he was mysterious but explained that this is AS BIG as it gets. Quoting from their blog: “We have now agreed on the full integration of our platform into the system of a leading regional ERP – covering the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region and, in our view, the most exciting piece of news so far – RUSSIA!”

This is said to be only the first in a series of announcements this month – so stay tuned!