Hive Project (HVN) Announces DEMO version, 8-market deal in sight! How undervalued is HVN?

Hive Project announced new DEMO version of their invoice financing platform, adding rumours about 8-market deal, including UK, Germany and Russia. Is HVN undervalued?

Hive Project Team, a startup for providing liquidity for SMEs around the world, published Demo Version of their platform for factoring for everyone to test it. We believe that putting Demo Version out only 4 months after they won CoinAGENDA Global: BEST ICO 2017 WINNER, is bold move by Hive Project. Hive Project Co-founder and CFO Dejan Jovanovic wrote in his blog that they met another milestone and, when we went trough their milestones, they did deliver everything what they promised and that is remarkable for a startup, since we know that majority of them have troubles delivering their product.




He also stated that “in order to ensure its long-term viability, it is crucial that the Hive Project Platform is an intuitive user experience and I believe we have succeeded in achieving just that.” We tested Hive Project Platform Demo version, which is likeable and we enjoyed user experience how to buy or to sell invoices and also how you can use HVN tokes, which you receive when you open demo account(not real ones). We would advise to SMEs and others to test the demo version and to feel that experience which we had.

We were surprised about the team and their efficiency and we heard the rumours that they already have an ERP deal singed for 8 markets, including UK, Germany and Russia. With all that informations, we also looked into price prediction of HVN token and we believe that it is one of the most undervalued token, but long therm holders will have lots of benefits and will be happy since we believe that the price will rise in the future.

Jump on the HIVE train – clock is ticking, MOON IS NEAR

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To conclude, we can say without doubt, that they got BEST ICO 2017 WINNER price for a reason.