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SportyCo platform review and first campaigns

SportyCo decentralized sports investment platform is live – and first campaigns are already waiting for investors. SportyCo platform is LIVE! Just a month after releasing the beta version with first donation campaigns and less than four months after the successful completion of the SPF token crowdsale the platform is live! A big high five to the development team and [...]

2018-05-08T13:06:48+00:005 maja, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

MoneyRebel and SunContract enter Partnership to Strategically Equip their Communities!

Furthering its dedication to be a leading mobile platform for financial services in Europe, the MoneyRebel Platform will provide SunContract with a tool that will simplify the handling of users’ personal finances, making it that much easier for SunContract platform users to functionally connect two worlds – fiat and crypto.   SunContract and MoneyRebel have one major thing in [...]

2018-04-27T09:04:42+00:0026 aprila, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

Compromises are great, but not in the quality vs. price department. Eligma, an AI-driven and blockchain-based commerce platform, places the price-quality ratio at the centre of smart discovery shopping

Our world is marked by commodity overflow. The multitude of similar products at the department store can be confusing to the point where one can hardly decide what to buy, and so is the wide range of prices for highly similar items. Most of us believe that there is a correlation between the price and quality; if we know [...]

2018-04-12T08:42:20+00:0012 aprila, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

SportyCo, Kevin Harrington and Crypto Business Forum

Kevin Harrington joins the SportyCo team Kevin, an original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank and the pioneer of the ‘As Seen on TV’ brand, joins SportyCo as business advisor and co-owner. Kevin Harrington, the creator of the infomercial, co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and one of the original “sharks” on the TV show Shark [...]

2018-03-29T15:54:02+00:0029 marca, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

As a patient, I hope for the constant improvement of the healthcare industry. I believe in a bright future brought by digital innovation

Across the street of an abandoned bike factory in the heart of Ljubljana, stands an old, dilapidated building. What used to be the children’s hospital for decades, is now a nursing hospital. The care for the youngest of patients was moved to a new, modern facility in 2009. Just 15 years ago, life in the national children’s hospital looked [...]

2018-03-21T16:20:20+00:0021 marca, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

Bringing Crypto Mainstream into the offline world in the first Bitcoin City

15 March 2018 – Eligma, AI-driven and Blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform, is presenting the first of its many features. Elipay system is a showcase of their ambition to take the usage of crypto payments beyond trading and exchanges and into the offline world. Partnering with BTC CITY Ljubljana, the first Bitcoin City and the largest commercial, trading and business [...]

2018-03-18T22:36:52+00:0015 marca, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

Eligma, an AI-driven blockchain platform that is about to change the online shopping experience

March 2nd, 2018 – Eligma, a cognitive commerce platform, will be connecting existing e-commerces and second-hand marketplaces into a one-point-stop for users. By harnessing AI and blockchain technology, Eligma is changing the way users discover, purchase, track and resell items online. To provide a new simplified user experience, a Slovenian-based company is set to launch its crowd sale on [...]

2018-03-18T22:37:43+00:0010 marca, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

SportyCo lansiral beta verzijo platforme

SportyCo, decentralizirani športni naložbeni ekosistem, plod slovenskega znanja, v teh dneh dosega nov mejnik. Od danes naprej namreč prek svoje spletne strani omogoča nadarjenim športnikom, da se potegujejo za finančna sredstva, potrebna za njihov športni razvoj in uspeh. SportyCo je danes tudi uradno predstavil beta različico svoje platforme. Le-ta odslej omogoča športnikom, da prejemajo donacije svojih podpornikov in navijačev. [...]

2018-03-06T13:47:09+00:004 marca, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

Hive Project to the masses worldwide

The recognition and respect that Hive Project is getting from crypto & fintech communities as each day passes are constantly on the rise. Team of experts focusing on building momentum before launching the platform! Therefore, our line of attack is two-pronged — bringing Hive Project to the masses in crypto communities the world over, but also boosting recognition and visibility in the finance industry [...]

2018-03-03T14:26:36+00:002 marca, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|
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