AirPod is introducing the future of the travel and napping industries. It is changing travel and napping experience by providing private place in the hearth of public space. Private “capsule style” designed unit will give you a unique, luxury, state-of-art place to relax without stress. There are implemented features such as Free Wi-Fi, ergonomically designed seat that transforms into a bed, Air Condition and much more.

Revolutionary sleeping pod with self-expanding business is based on internal fast-growing crypto economy. It is the opportunity for one of the world’s most profitable and stable crypto passive income.

Sponsorship Program

After 400th AirPod is placed, Sponsorship Program will begin. In Sponsorship Program, APOD token holders and other crypto currency holders will be able to exchange their tokens for the right to participate in benefits, generated by AirPod unit.
ICO contributors will be able to stake APOD tokens or other selected crypto currencies for a right to participate in Sponsorship Program. This will be possible for each specified AirPod unit for indefinite time period. You will establish a benefit-sharing relation, which will give you the opportunity to collect rewards in APOD Tokens.

DApp platform

The DApp platform will offer you the option to convert tokens into a Sponsorship Program of the already set-up selected AirPods. The entire system is based on a Blockchain Technology that enables complete transparency and overview of the business, so you will be able to see which location will be most profitable and suitable for you. You can choose any AirPod unit included in Sponsorship Program that will be placed on airports worldwide.

Your benefits

AirPod project is building the bridge between Real and Crypto world by connecting real product in real industry with the blockchain technology. Even more, it will provide you with an amazing opportunity to participate in crypto passive income.