Waiting at the airport with nothing to do can be a nerve wrecking situation. Walking around, drinking overpriced coffee and trying to sleep at those uncomfortable chairs can be very stressful. With lack of privacy you cannot make business calls or write e-mails.

The AirPod offers privacy, security, and safety — the opportunity for you to change your perception of airport traveling, in particular, spending time in airports while waiting or taking a rest. The AirPod is a luxurious and fully functional sleeping pod, which is designed to accommodate overnight and short-term stays with all the features you would expect.

How the idea was born?

Mihael Meolic is a Slovenian business man, who travels a lot due to his job. Two years ago he called Grega Mrgole on the phone, tired and exhausted. He complained that the chairs at the airport are not comfortable and he cannot make calls to his clients with all this crowd around him. »I wish there was some kind of capsule, where I can lay down, where I can make my work done, where I can relax and wait for the next flight«, he said. They sat down and talked about the idea. They decided to build something that will change the way the world sees travelling and layovers. They decided to build something, where you can relax or work, but still for an affordable price. All of the puzzles came together and they named the idea AirPod Sleeping Pod. They decided to transform travel and napping industry.

AirPod Sleeping Pod

The AirPod Sleeping Pod will give you a unique, luxury, state-of-art place to relax without stress. Private “capsule style” designed unit will be installed in public spaces.

AirPod was designed to offer you convenience, comfort, privacy, security and superior facilities. There are comprehensive integrated cutting edge technology enhancements, such as external noise reduction, Free High-speed Wi-Fi, Luggage and personal belongings storage, Alarm clock, Flight status, ergonomically designed seat that transforms into a bed, Free access to Amazon Fire TV and much more.
For business travelers there are high technology enhancements integrated, such as high speed Wi-Fi, working desk and Power sockets (USB/electricity) to have a place when they can work as if they were in their office.

AirPod’s vision is to become a market leader!

AirPod team emphasized that their vision is to become a market leader. That is why architect Robert Klun, one of the most well-known Slovenian architects and designers is taking care for AirPod’s design and development. Mr Klun is CEO of Magnet Design Consortium whose experience spans across domestic and international markets including Austria, Balkan and the Middle East region. Magnet design team, designer Tomaž Gorjup and co-workers will give strong support and professional touch to the whole concept of AirPod.
“The most important thing when you are designing a new product is its functionality. You have to focus on users, their needs, their comfort and their safety,” is convinced architect Klun.

AirPod’s mission is to build a stunning, state-of-the-art product that will outshine all other current alternatives on the market.
“40 years’ tradition and the team of experts will help to deliver an outstanding product,” says Mr Klun, the Head of AirPod’s Design and Product development.
Unique pods, looking like they are out of this world, will make your layovers comfortable, entertaining and productive. Instead of spending your time at the uncomfortable airport seats, you will have your own private place to rest, relax and/or work.

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