Waiting for your flight, bus, train, meeting or your teenager shopping can be a nerve wrecking situation. Finding privacy in the public places is becoming more and more important.
What if there was a possibility to take business calls while waiting for your bus? A possibility to take a rest in your office before your next meeting?
AirPod is providing a better solution for your waiting and transforming it into something much more productive.

The AirPod Sleeping Pod will give you a unique, luxury, state-of-art place to relax without stress. Private “capsule style” designed unit will be installed in public spaces. AirPod was designed to offer you convenience, comfort, privacy, security and superior facilities. There are comprehensive integrated cutting edge technology enhancements, such as external noise reduction, Free High-speed Wi-Fi, Luggage and personal belongings storage, Alarm clock, Flight status, ergonomically designed seat that transforms into a bed, Free access to Amazon Fire TV and much more.

AirPod’s Franchising system

AirPod’s vision is to see AirPod Sleeping Pods implemented in every major airport across the globe.
After this, establishment AirPod’s Franchising system will take place. A global network of AirPods, that will enable everyone to become part of an Uber-like, but much more profitable Business model, called the Partnership Program.

Partnership Program

With ever-growing sleeping industry market, AirPods will be placed not only at airports, but also other public places. This means we can expect fast ever-growing ecosystem and expanding AirPod’s business worldwide.
With introduction of Partnership Program, business-minded person, who will join the Business model with exponential growth, will be able to setup AirPod unit in a public place that they own or leasehold, such as Hospitals, Corporate offices, Academics, Shopping malls, Railway stations …
If you are a business-minded person, who wants to be a part of Business model with exponential growth, the Partnership Program will enable you to earn a passive income with peace of mind.

Fast ever-growing ecosystem connected to crypto world

Ever-growing sleeping pod industry market and our own global network, connected to blockchain technology, will result in fast ever-growing ecosystem and expanding AirPod’s business worldwide.

Do not miss your chance to be a part of the future: https://air-pod.io/