Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)

SportyCo lansiral beta verzijo platforme

SportyCo, decentralizirani športni naložbeni ekosistem, plod slovenskega znanja, v teh dneh dosega nov mejnik. Od danes naprej namreč prek svoje spletne strani omogoča nadarjenim športnikom, da se potegujejo za finančna sredstva, potrebna za njihov športni razvoj in uspeh. SportyCo je danes tudi uradno predstavil beta različico svoje platforme. Le-ta odslej omogoča športnikom, da prejemajo donacije svojih podpornikov in navijačev. [...]

2018-03-06T13:47:09+00:00 marec 4th, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

Hive Project to the masses worldwide

The recognition and respect that Hive Project is getting from crypto & fintech communities as each day passes are constantly on the rise. Team of experts focusing on building momentum before launching the platform! Therefore, our line of attack is two-pronged — bringing Hive Project to the masses in crypto communities the world over, but also boosting recognition and visibility in the finance industry [...]

2018-03-03T14:26:36+00:00 marec 2nd, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

Slovenian blockchain start-up is attacking $300 Billion worth industry

Futourist is the first blockchain based travel review platform that rewards you for your reviews with tokens. On Futourist you will be able to claim the newly introduced Futourist Tokens (FTR) in return for your reviews of travel services and places, depending on the quality of that review (community upvotes). Online content marketing industry is expected to generate more [...]

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Slovenski blockchain startup napada TripAdvisor

Mlada slovenska ekipa iz podjetja Futourist poskuša porušiti percepcijo javnosti o brezplačni spletni vsebini, ustvarjeni s strani uporabnikov. Verjamejo da je vsa vsebina ustvarjena na spletnih platformah nekaj vredna in bi morala biti nagrajena. So socialnim omrežjem in drugim spletnim storitvam, ki svojih milijardnih zaslužkov ne delijo s svojimi uporabniki, šteti dnevi? Večina ustvarjalcev vsebine na spletu ni nikoli [...]

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Out with the old, in with the new – meet SportyCo!

With the upcoming launch of the platform we decided to change the name of our project and make it more recognizable. So SportyFi will – with immediate effect, become SportyCo. Since the beginning of the SportyFi project the amalgam of “sports finances” is, we believe, the best tongue-in-cheek description of what we try to achieve: change how sports and [...]

2018-02-02T17:25:23+00:00 februar 2nd, 2018|Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

HVN is buzzing! What price can we expect in the next weeks?

“From $8,95 million raised in ICO to a $91,13 million market cap (January 22, 2018), HIVE PROJECT  (HVN) is buzzing!” In the last couple of days we are facing ups and downs of top 10 crypto currencies, but more fascinated is that some of ERC20 tokes hasn’t been affected by “dumps” in crypto world. When we were doing overview [...]

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InsurePal ICO sold-out. IPL token trading to start on exchange

InsurePal, a distributed social proof insurance platform, recently finished their crowdsale, reaching a hard-cap of $18 million in only 80 seconds. Starting 18th January, the IPL tokens are now poised for trading on exchange. According to their CEO, other exchanges will soon follow.     InsurePal sold-out 70% (140,700,000 IPLs) in their pre-sale and the remaining $5,4 million [...]

2018-01-18T16:58:24+00:00 januar 18th, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

InsurePal Welcomes Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem and the Crypto.IQ Team as Advisors

Charlie Shrem recently joined InsurePal as business development advisor. His rich entrepreneurial experience in managing crypto and non-crypto companies will provide important guidance in the development of InsurePal’s social proof platform for mass adoption. InsurePal is set to revolutionize the insurance industry by harnessing blockchain technology and merging it with social proofing, bringing cost savings to the insurance industry [...]

2018-01-06T07:55:15+00:00 januar 5th, 2018|Novice, Slovenska startup podjetja (ICO)|

InsurePal to Accelerate Trust When Transacting Products and Services on Blockchain

InsurePal is the world's first decentralized social proof insurance service. It aims to accelerate trust between members of the crypto community when transacting products and services, building a much more affordable insurance sector based on social proofing through rewarding behavioural patterns that benefit not only individuals but also groups and society as a whole. The company challenges the current [...]

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Hive Project (HVN) Announces DEMO version, 8-market deal in sight! How undervalued is HVN?

Hive Project announced new DEMO version of their invoice financing platform, adding rumours about 8-market deal, including UK, Germany and Russia. Is HVN undervalued? Hive Project Team, a startup for providing liquidity for SMEs around the world, published Demo Version of their platform for factoring for everyone to test it. We believe that putting Demo Version out only 4 [...]

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